How To Make Him Think About You All The Time

How to make him want you more

One of the most difficult things about being in a relationship with a guy is to make him think about you all the time. Probably you are at a stage of your relationship where things aren’t working out right and your so-called man is not just having your time. Or he is so busy with the day-to-day activities that he forgets about you totally. We all know how frustrating this can be especially when we really love our man. But don’t worry,

How To Make Him Think About You All The Time

Be A Woman of High Value

The reason a guy gets hooked on one woman and thinks about her all the time is not because she is just sexy, or just playful, or just confident, or just feminine, or just bursting with integrity, but because she possesses a unique combination of traits: the girl who is warm, has integrity, and can charm his family, then rips his clothes off in the bedroom and is a sexual goddess; the girl who is playful with his friends, can debate politics like a pro, but knows how to enjoy a lazy Sunday watching movies and eating pizza; the girl who is independent, kicks ass out in the world, but is feminine and loving with her man.

 We know this might sound contradictory to what you heard before about making a man think about you all the time. If you’re so focused on being attractive on the outside and you forget the inner side, believe me, he will think about you today and forget about you tomorrow. If you are serious about getting him to think about you all the time, Click Here and follow this training on how to be irresistible to your man.

Women with all the traits mentioned above can cause an alarm to go off inside a guy’s head and heart. Keep her, he thinks. This one’s amazing! The longer he’s around you, the more he believes you’re not like anyone else. You become irreplaceable. This explains why a guy who seems only a little interested at first becomes more deeply attached the more time he spends with you. Or a guy who says, and even thinks, he’s dating around, playing the field, enjoying the single life, and then suddenly meets a woman who possesses a unique combination of these traits, and wow! He doesn’t want to date anyone else and thinks about you all the time.

how to make him think about you all the time

Be Concerned About His problems

Most women forget that men are also fragile beings. Even though, on the outside they make it look like they are strong, inside they have daily battles to fight. 

The relationship should not just be about you all the time. Allow him to open up to you, and the best way to do that is by listening and accepting him. Men appreciate it when you genuinely ask about their difficulties. Ask him questions like; 

  • How was it at work today?
  • Are you having difficulties meeting up with your task?
  • How can I be of help to you? 
  • Hey love, tell me if you are facing any cash flow deficiency so that I can help.

Offer him solutions, assist him when you can. Do this and he will think about you all the time. He will be so grateful to have you.

Think of it this way, if you have a friend that anytime you visit or when you guys hang around, she is always so focused on her and she keeps telling you her problems. I believe you will feel frustrated with time. We all want people who are interested in us, people who want to make us better, and above all people who are intentional about helping us during our difficulties. 

Life is hard and can get frustrating for men, because they have a lot of responsibilities and if you must be with a man and you want him to think about you all the time, then make his problems your priorities and help him by providing solutions.

Be Caring and Give Him The Attention He Deserves

We all desire to be in a relationship with a caring and affectionate guy. Someone who makes us feels at home and who is constantly checking out on us. But the reality is that most women forget that a relationship is a two-way thing. Don’t always expect your guy to be the first to call or to text. 

Check on him too, if you guys are not living in the same house and you get up early send him a text message. When he is at work or school send him a brief message like “I am thinking about you, I miss you”. This simple trick works tremendously. 

Also, being caring does not just mean that you should only text him, but once in a while come to his place and cook for him, during his break send him snacks. If your man is a foodie person, he will love you for that and will not stop thinking about you. 

During the weekends, ask to come to his place and help him out with laundry and cleaning. We know, this sounds contrary to popular opinion but these little things touch a man’s heart so much and will get him thinking about you all the time.

Be his Cheerleader 

If you cannot motivate him, then don’t expect him to think about you. Be the type of woman who pushes your man to be the best version of himself. With all the pressure that men face at work and in their environment the least thing that you can do for your man is to be his own leader.

There is this popular phrase that ‘Behind every successful man is a supportive woman’ And this should be something you should apply in your relationship. I have seen men rise to high levels in society because of a woman who constantly motivates and inspires them. Anytime he fails at something, remind him to try again, just a simple word like ‘Baby we will get through this, and know that I believe in you can help him.

One Saturday morning, a friend of ours came visiting, and we were talking about relationships and ways to better communicate with our partners. And the conversation took an interesting turn when he told me that the reason he finds it easier to cheat on his girlfriend is because she doesn’t encourage or motivate him. 

He went on explaining that anytime he brings on an idea about how they could live a richer, more fulfilled life and give back to their community. The girl always tells him to stop daydreaming, and she utters words like “You’ve started again with this kind of talk, I’m tired, etc” And he gets very frustrated. He further told us that a woman could be beautiful on the outside but if she cannot motivate her man, then she is not worth it. 

The reason we brought up this story is to tell you how important it is for men. Your aim should be to get a man to think about you positively all the time. You don’t want to be the object of his sleepless nights because of your attitude.

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Avoid Talking About His Past Mistakes Unless it is Extremely Necessary

Learn to move on from his past. We all make mistakes once in a while in our relationship. So don’t dwell on his mistakes. Remember that none of us will love to be reminded of our past errors. Imagine having a guy who constantly tells you how bad you behaved last week, or how bad of a cook you are? I am not sure you will appreciate that very much. The same goes with men. 

If you want to get your man to think about you all the time, then be very appreciative. Compliment him often. The following little trick might help you; anytime you feel like reminding your man about his past faults, write 5 things you love about him. This simple trick will change your energy level from negative to positive. 

And if a man constantly feels appreciated and complimented, he will think about you all the time. On the other hand if you must actually remind him of his faults be sure to go about it intelligently, choose the right time and communicate in the right manner so that he actually understands that this attitude of his hurts you.

Be Reasonable and Understanding

One common characteristic of women is that sometimes we are not understanding with men. If your man tells you that he is caught up at work and won’t be able to make it earlier for dinner today, understand him. What most of us do is that we nag and say things like; you’re cheating on me, or we stalk his messages. Men really hate that.

Understand that he is probably busy, and just respond by saying; ok love take your time, I will wait for you. In addition, if he has the habit of taking you out for shopping every month end and in a given month he does not, don’t remind him, he probably has a lot on his plate to deal with. Just understand.

Another thing to consider when it comes to being reasonable, is with your expenses. Some women just expect men to do everything for them, they don’t want to work, just sit and be at the receiving end. Added to that, they are very demanding. You certainly do not want to be that kind of lady, because you will not just make him stop thinking about you but you will repel him altogether. So always try to be reasonable.

Remember when you make a man feel good, especially with your attitude, he will think about you all the time.

Don’t Make Yourself To Available

Am sure you were all expecting this to be the top of the list. But we feel that the other points are primordial and this one is just secondary. Imagine making yourself unavailable when at the very core you don’t have a friendly attitude. What do you think will be the effect? He will probably just say Thank God! She is not available!

The point we are trying to make here is this, make sure you have a friendly attitude before deciding to make yourself unavailable. Many relationship coaches focus on this point and they forget to tell people what matters most. 

Let’s use this analogy, imagine you’re in a relationship with a man that has a poor attitude, that constantly abuses you and even goes as far as disrespecting your parents. Even though you love him, you will probably be very happy if he is absent. On the other hand, imagine you are dating this very cool guy, who constantly brings you gifts, who is understanding, loving and handsome and one day he decides to be unavailable, you will probably miss him and text him.

The same goes for men. They desire women who are not always available to them. You should not be so easy to get to. Make yourself wanted once in a while. It is a normal human reflection to always go for what is missing. Once in a while, refuse to text him often, if he tells you to go out for dinner, give him an excuse like you’ll be busy. Men love challenges, and if you could make yourself unavailable once in a while believe me he will not stop thinking about you all the time.

Be Genuinely Kind

Ladies, men love gifts. Once in a while offer him a gift, send him a romantic card. Rejuvenate your love for him. Take him out for an outing, send him little motivational cards when he is at work. This little gesture of love and kindness will get him hooked to you, he will not stop thinking about you all the time. 

More often than not, we ladies expect to always be at the receiving end. We want the guy to be the one constantly offering gifts, giving us money, etc. But if you are serious about your relationship, then surprise your guy once in a while.

You can organise a surprise birthday party for him, on Valentine’s day you could buy him a gift. If you notice that he really needs something, you can buy it for him. Learn to go through his closet and identify what you think is obsolete and replace it. Men love women who are kind. Don’t buy into that popular view that a man needs to be the one giving, you can also offer him something. And believe me, he will appreciate it dearly and will think about you all the time.

Text Him When He is at Work, or School

get him to want you more

You can’t underestimate the power of text messages especially when they come from the heart and are lovely. Imagine a man going through a tough day and he receives a text message from his fiance saying how she loves him and she will always be with him no matter what he is going through.

This simple text message can illuminate his day and reduce his stress level. Tell me how he will not think about you. We ladies often make the mistake of getting nervous when a man does not come home early from work. We start texting messages that are not good, instead of just being kind and understanding through our messages. Always remember that your man is going through a lot and don’t be the reason for his depression, be kind always and send him lovely messages while he is at work.

Make Him Feel Like A Man

Always make him feel like a man. It is okay to be a confident, self-independent woman but when it comes to relationships men want to feel like they are in control. Once in a while, ask for his help. Don’t be the; I will do it all by myself lady. Men love to be implicated. Learn to speak up and share your problems with him, ask him for his advice and implement it.

It is true, that we all have our distinct personalities and some women don’t feel comfortable asking for help from their man, if you fall into this category, try to ask for his help. Take it as a gradual process. You could start with one task every month and build on from there. He will definitely love helping you out.

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Be An Active Listener

If you want to get him to think about you all the time, then listen to him. Men love women who listen, don’t try to shut him down when he is talking. Be a patient listener and he will not stop thinking about you. When he comes back from work or school and he is sharing his opinion, pay attention to what he is saying. If he is trying to correct you, listen to him.

Majority of women don’t have this virtue in their relationships and they wonder why things aren’t working their way. You have to understand that men are logical beings and some don’t like talking, the majority are quiet. If you happen to fall on such a guy the least you could do is to listen when he tries to talk. We advise you share your opinion if you must after he is done talking. Being an active listener can make your man love you more and think about you all the time. Remember that we think about the way people make us feel. And if you make your man feels good about you, he will always think about you all the time.

Protect Your Man

Another way to get your man think about you all the time is by protecting him. A woman should protect her man. Don’t expose him when you guys are in public. Avoid telling his or your friends about his poor attitude. Anytime that you are in public try to always portray the pleasant aspect about your man. This is very important to men. Because no man will think about a woman who always talks negatively about him when she is in the presence of his friends. 

Keep in mind that problems are meant for the bedroom. And if you guys are out on a date with friends and you notice his friends constantly teasing him, support him and be on his side.

Give him space when he needs it

There is this tendency to always want to be with the man we love. But understand that he will need his space. Sometimes he is stressed up with work, or he just needs to figure things out. Remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you and everything does not always boil down to you. 

Sometimes it is unnecessary to ask him why he needs his space. Just understand and give him time. No matter how hurtful it can be, believe me you guys will get closer after you have given him space. Another aspect to consider here, don’t read his messages excerpts, his gives you that authority to do that. Sometimes women feel threatened in our relationship, because we suspect that another woman is taking your man’s attention. And we are often tempted to follow him around and check his text messages. Some women even go to the extent of clowning their guys’ phone. This is a horrible thing to do. 

Avoid competing with his activities. Just give him some space and he will think about you all the time.

Don’t Be A Nag

No man will love to think about a nagging woman. Even though some men can actually drive women nuts, don’t let it get to you. Avoid complaining. Just be supportive. As we earlier pointed out men go through a lot and the last thing that he wants is to come home to a nagging wife or girlfriend.

If you want your man to think about you all the time, consider being a supportive woman, go for compliments rather than critics. Be welcoming rather than being rude. If you follow this advice, then he will not stop thinking about you all the time and he will hurry with his activities just because he wants to be in your presence.

Don’t Belittle or Insult Him

Every relationship constantly has some little misunderstandings. Sometimes things ain’t right with your partner. But no matter tempted you feel, never belittle or insult your man. Nothing drives a man crazy like disrespect. This one factor could make or break your relationship. Silence is always the better option. Remember that a woman is seen and not heard.

Raise your man with encouraging words, when you guys are arguing and you notice that the argument is taking another turn, simply excuse yourself and go out for a walk. Allow things to calm down first. These little character traits can make your man crave for you, love you more and guess what he will think about you all the time.

Don’t Compare him with other men

Never compare your man with another man. Atimes we are tempted to compare our previous partners with the current one and we go as far as wanting him to behave like the previous partner. But this is actually the bad way to go about it. Proclaim his originality. Men hate it when you compare them with others so avoid doing it and trust me he will stick with you.

Practice being Good in Bed

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Sex is powerful, and it has the power to connect you with a man. So you want to be so good in bed, that he can’t stop thinking about you. Try new things in bed and communicate your sexual desires and expectations. Ask him about his fantasies and try accomplishing them. This will make him think about you all the time.


In this article we’ve shared with you the 17 things on how to make him think about you all the time. We highly recommend that you follow this training on how to be irresistible and make him want you more. Leave your thoughts and comments on how this article helped you and if you have other ways on how to make him think about you all the time don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section so that we can all learn.

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