How to Overcome the Challenges of Starting an Online Business


Starting an Online business could be very scary especially, with all the difficulties that follow it. Some people don’t even believe that it is possible to earn money online. While others have been scammed and they have come to the conclusion that all online businesses are scams.

However, it is still possible for someone to earn a living online. People earn full-time income from the internet. Even though, starting an online business is very lucrative. There are a lot of challenges people face when starting. This article will explain to you some of the challenges of starting an online business and how to overcome these challenges.

Challenges faced when starting an online business

Choosing your niche: A niche is the segment of the market. A lot of guys face difficulties when trying to select their niche. Some people spend months and months and never get to choose a niche. Now this difficulty can easily be dealt with, choose something that interests you and can be profitable.

Cost: Many people have difficulties in gathering money to start an online business. This cost might be a problem to some like getting to pay for web hosting, driving traffic to your website, paying people to write articles. These are just some of the many difficulties related to starting an online business

Competition: Yes!Having an online business is lucrative but there is too much competition. Imagine you want to start a website, talking about a particular niche. Just imagine the N° of competitors you have in the market, thousands right!

Or let’s say you write an article, how many people do you think have written something related to your article? Many. Imagine you are promoting a product as an affiliate, just know that there are thousands of people promoting the same product. These are really some of the challenges you will face when starting out on the internet.

The time involved in building your business:  We all know, customers are more likely to buy from people, they like, trust and know. The time for you to build that authority might discourage you and the cost involved in getting people to trust you.

These are some of the challenges faced by starters. But that should not discourage you, everybody started off where you are. Keep on reading to see how to overcome these challenges.

How to overcome these challenges

Find a mentor

For you to know the road ahead ask those coming back. Having a mentor is the most logical thing for you to do because he has being there and he is more experienced. A mentor will guide you on how to avoid the mistakes he made. You see in my case , when I was still in the MLM space, I was so frustrated because I had nobody to help me.

I made a lot of mistakes until I came across Kuda(my mentor) who showed me a better way of marketing your opportunity online. I followed his instructions to the letter and here I am today earning to 4 to 5 figures income online. My advice for you is to be coachable and follow, the directions and instructions provided to you by your mentor.

Don’t try to do it all by yourself

Wow!!! This is something I learned and it really helped me. Let me share a little story with you. When we started our website we were not tech guys. Paul and I will go to YouTube to watch videos and we watched more than 100 videos. Sometimes we will try to set up the website and it crashed.

We didn’t know anything about coding. You see doing these things ourselves took us a lot of time. Save yourself the stress and just outsource some of the work to others. It will reduce you the stress of having to learn and how to go about it. Learn how to outsource.

Find something that interests you :

When starting out an internet business, it is important you take something that you are passionate about. This will serve as the only driving force when the going gets tough. Your passion for it is what is going to make you persevere.

Change your mindset:

People who win in life, are people who have or adopt a winner’s mindset. You will have to change your mindset. Focus on developing yourself as a person. A good way to do that is by reading self-help books, listen to motivational videos, this will help you to stick around in tough times.

Connect with like-minded people:

Join Facebook groups, where people talk of internet business. Share out information. Communicate value, listen to suggestions about your business. Stay away from negative people. Avoid friends with a toxic attitude. This is something that kills most people.

You are looking forward to start an online business and you are asking your neighbor’s opinion who is working in a bank or in a corporation. What do you honestly think he/she will tell you? Good luck? He /she may tell you “Good luck” and probably discourage you. Opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth. Go ahead and connect with people who share the same vision with you and listen from them, Take advice from experts in your field


Starting an online business should not scare you. Forget a bit about competition and get started. One of the things that helped us when we got started was the community we joined. What we honestly hope for you is to get started.

Click here to read about one of the outstanding communities on the internet. After all, if you don’t try, you will never reap the benefits. We hope this article could be of help to you. Please leave your comments and let’s share ideas.

Remember, your success is our happiness and helping you is our passion.

Lots of love

Rinelle & Paul

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