Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website!!! This Works

Traffic is the life blood of any business. You could start-up a business, be it a local business or an online business but without traffic you will not make a sale. In the past, when there was no internet, local businesses used to advertise their businesses on TV Stations, newspapers and radios with the main objective to get new leads, that they could turn into actual customers. The internet has come in and has changed a lot of things.

People now get to generate leads, through their website, web pages, Social Media pages, emails and the list goes on. In this article we will share some of the best ways to to traffic to your website.

This is one of the difficulties that we faced in the beginning when we were just starting out on the internet and today we want to share with you some of the ways you could avoid that.

Types of traffic

There are basically two types of traffic; Free traffic and Paid Traffic.

Free traffic as the term indicates is traffic you generate without having to invest money. Take note of these “you don’t invest money”. But in essence its not really free because you spend your time.

Paid traffic is traffic that you generate by investing money. You pay for Ads to generate new leads and probably make some sales. Below we will dive into some of the free traffic methods.

Free traffic

Email Marketing:

If you already have an existing list then, all you could do is to send them news about your webpage, offer value and promote products. This is really one of the best forms of marketing.

Facebook Groups:

This is one of the ways that I use to generate a lot of free traffic.Another way is by joining Facebook groups that allow you to advertise. You basically get to advertise in these groups for free. There are thousands of such groups on Facebook where you could get as much traffic from it.

Social Media platforms:

You could drive traffic by posting on Social Media. If you have a large following, then this is just what is good about it. There are many Social Media platforms, some of the most frequently visited ones are Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, P interest and, Instagram. This could be a good way to get some traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search Engine Optimization. If you have your website where you upload quality, unique and engaging content, with time you can get ranked on google’s first pages. If people type in the keyword and click on your website, you might earn money especially if he/she pays a product through your website.

Joining Forums:

You could join forums that are related to your particular niche. Be very active in these forums, ask for help and help others. Share your work offer value and with time you will see your leads increasing. Quora is a good forum to join and help as many people as you want.

Paid traffic

Facebook Ads:

You could pay Facebook to advertise your business. This is often the best or the most common traffic source. And it is because of Facebook integration, you get to choose the demographic, the sex, where exactly you want your traffic to be coming from. Facebook Ads is one of the most commonly used by internet marketers, you could start with literally a dollar and get going

Google Ad Words:

You could pay google to advertise your business. This is also another form of traffic. For you to be ranked higher, google takes into consideration the maximum bid and your quality score. Your quality score is a metric to determine how relevant your Ad is to the users.

Solo ads:

These are stand alone Ads, where your message goes out alone without any attachment. Basically, you get to purchase solo ads. This is good for email advertising.

Further Ads and LinkedIn Ads:

Basically, you pay for Ads on this network. To get your business in front of more customers and generate new leads.


Your business without traffic is worthless, you might consider investing either on free or paid traffic to generate leads and get more sales. Click here to read our article on what is needed to start an online business in case you don’t have one already. We hope this article could help you.  Share your comments and thoughts.

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