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Self-Confidence is the most valuable Character trait a person can have. It can be sensed almost instantly by anyone around you. People who are Self-Confident are very successful. Building your Self-Confidence is very critical to your success.

Two main things contribute to self-confidence: self-efficacy and self-esteem.

We gain a sense of self-efficacy when we see ourselves (and others similar to ourselves) mastering skills and achieving goals that matter in those skill areas. This is the confidence that, if we learn and work hard in a particular area, we’ll succeed; and it’s this type of confidence that leads people to accept difficult challenges, and persist in the face of setbacks.

This overlaps with the idea of self-esteem, which is a more general sense that we can cope with what’s going on in our lives, and that we have a right to be happy. Partly, this comes from a feeling that the people around us approve of us, which we may or may not be able to control. However, it also comes from the sense that we are behaving virtuously, that we’re competent at what we do, and that we can compete successfully when we put our minds to it.

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Self-Confidence is about balance. At one extreme, you have those with low self-confidence and at the other extreme you have those who are over confident. If you are under-confident, you’ll avoid taking risks and stretching yourself; and you might not try at all. And if you’re over-confident, you may take on too much risk, stretch yourself beyond your capabilities, and crash badly. You may also find that you’re so optimistic that you don’t try hard enough to truly succeed. With the right amount of self-confidence, you will take informed risks, stretch yourself (but not beyond your abilities) and try hard.

This how you can build your Self-Confidence:

  1. Think Positive: Change your thoughts, change your mindset. You are what you think, you attract what you think. If you entertain negative thought all the time, your life will be full of negativity, if you entertain positive thoughts, your life will be full of positivist. Drive away the negative energy and BE POSITIVE. Always look at the good side of things in every situation. When things are getting tough and they tell you; “you can’t”, tell them; “I CAN”. Keep going even when they mock at you.
  2. Celebrate Achievements: Write down a list of your 10 best achievement in the last five years no matter how small they are. This will remind you that you are what you are today because of your past efforts and you can be better tomorrow with more efforts. Being aware of your past achievements will boost your self-confidence.
  3. Make positive affirmations: Make daily positive affirmations about your life, your career, your relationship etc……. such as: “Self-Confidence is my birth right”, “I am successful”, “I am fearless, and I am strong”. Write them down, memorize them and say them 3 times every morning before you jump off from bed, say them 3 times before facing a major challenges. Repeat these affirmations for a minimum of 21 days so that they become part of you and start manifesting in your life.
  4.  Give yourself time: Rome wasn’t built in a day so too you won’t gain Self-Confidence in a blink of an eye. Give yourself time especially if you are an introvert. It’s not easy to be self-Confident when you have always been shy and docile.

Paul: “I am an introvert person by nature but I succeeded in fighting my timidity following these tips we are showing you “.

  1. Don’t be afraid of mistakes: Everybody makes mistakes .Even Successful people do. Failure is an essential part of success. If you don’t fail you won’t know how to succeed. Don’t stop believing in yourself when you fail, instead, learn from your mistakes and move ahead.

This is it for this article. We hope this article will be of help to you. Drop a comment below, share your views and tell us how this has helped you.

To your success!

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