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I guess you stumbled here because you are looking for legit ways to make money online in Cameroon, or maybe you are just frustrated with the entire system and you believe there must be a way out. Welcome to my website! In this article, you will learn the entire process of making money online. 

Before we continue, I want you to do me a favor, read this post as if your success online depended on it, because, over my three years as an internet marketer, I see many people jumping from one blog to another looking for that magic information – the secret clicks to riches. Also, the second thing I will ask from you is this: If you are looking forward to making thousands of dollars without putting in any hard work or you are looking for quick riches, then please, this post is not for you. So you can just skip over and move to the next post on google.

Fantastic!! You stayed, it definitely means a lot to us and it implies that you are serious about earning some money on the internet. In this article, we will walk you through the entire process of making money on the internet. I call it the circular flow diagram of making money online. Haha haha!!!! If you studied economics, probably you can relate to the phrase.

So let’s get a bit serious, the next thing you will learn is the different ways you can make money on the internet. There are just many ways you can leverage the internet to earn some money. After that, we will show you how to make money online if you have no experience and where to get started. Please do not get discouraged if you have no francs or dollars, because there is a section that will show you how to go from completely broke to making a thousand dollars and even more from the internet.

So let’s dive straight in!!!

The Circular Flow Diagram of Making Money Online

There is a process of making money online, and if you don’t understand this process, you are doomed even before you start. Many people try to complicate this process and make it look very difficult, whereas it’s very easy to understand. Let me explain the main point. You probably came to this website because you were doing a google search and the article appeared. You went to google and  typed how to make money online in Cameroon and probably this article showed up or another article. The issue is, you had a problem and the owner of the website had the solution to your problem. And that solution could be found through his website. He provided you with some information and ways to get started on the internet.

Simple, isn’t it? Read that paragraph over before moving on to the next. When I was at the university and my lecturers will give me a difficult assignment, my classmates will always tell me “Google has the answer to every problem: do a google search”

So you might be asking yourself but how does someone make money online. Simple, maybe you are looking for a service on the internet when you hire the person who earns money for providing you with the services.

If we use the example above, after reading through this article, he might recommend you certain products and when you follow his recommendation and buy the product, the owner of the website earns some commission.

What I want you to understand is that you need to adopt a helping mentality if you want to venture in the internet space. Go out with the intention of helping people to solve their problems. Situate yourself. What do you think you can do to help people? Maybe you are a data analyst, and you know python programming, and how to run regression or factor analysis. You can offer that as a service. Or let’s say you are passionate about makeup. You could come up with a website talking about how to make people up. And you recommended some good products to your audience. So you have to dive into the internet space with the “I want to help you mentality” If not, we can guarantee you that success on the internet will be a far-fetched dream for you.

Failure to understand this simple process is one of the reasons why most people give up even before they get started. They go out with the intention of I need to make money online” Read that phrase in quotes well. Because it is different from I need to earn money online” Because you earn money on the internet, legit money, only after providing value to people. And this value could be your services. Whether you are a business owner, freelancer or blogger, be sure to provide value.

How to Make Money Online in Cameroon

I am very delighted because you already know how the whole process works, in this section I will explain some ways to earn money online in Cameroon. When diving into the internet space, know that there are a lot of angles or directions you could take to make money on the internet. Over our 4 years of leveraging the internet one thing we learnt is that you cannot master all the platforms. In Fact we would not advise you to do that. 

Many people get started online and they want to learn every way possible to make money, and they try different things without having any focus and before you know it they quit. I hope you don’t fall into this trap. The list below will show you different ways to earn money online, choose the one that suits you. Master it and scale the process.

This section will be divided into two parts:

How to Make Money Online Without Money


This is one of the best methods if you don’t have money or if you are not ready to invest any money. Freelancing is just the process through which you offer your services and in return, you earn some money. To better explain to you how this works, let me use an example; assuming you are very passionate about writing, you can offer your services as a freelancer and get paid. Now you might be asking yourself, where can I find such a platform to offer my services? It’s very easy, just do a google search on “freelancing websites” and a list will come out.


 From there, you can make your choice. A word of caution guys, when diving into the freelancing space, make sure that you are good at your craft and deliver quality work because that is the only way your profits will increase. Also, build a long-term relationship with your clients. Don’t just look at the workload given to you, but think in the long run. Let’s do some little maths here. 

Suppose that you are a data analyst and you offer your services at A client posts a job offer and needs a data analyst to do some simple linear regression for his project. He needs to examine the relationship between price and advertisement and how they affect his sales. After posting the project, he gets many offers, and from those offers; he chooses you for the job.

Let’s say he pays you $100, which is roughly around 50000frs in Cameroon. When you do the work, provide some bonuses and tell him that you are open to working with him in the future. If that client needs another job done, he will choose you if you really did a good job. And maybe he has a long-term project that he is willing to pay you $3000 for a 6 months duration. How much money is that in francs CFA around 1.5 million francs? That’s much!! 

I hope you get the memo. Think in the future, and truly success will be your limit if you are diving into the space of freelancing.

Online Surveys

I would have hit my head hard if I didn’t write this. Another way you could make money online in Cameroon is by filling online surveys. Now if you are in Cameroon the website I recommend is You could fill out some surveys and earn a few cents to dollars. Guys, please take note: this method of earning money online is the least recommended. Because you will have to do a lot of surveys before you get a few dollars. And most especially if you are really looking forward to building a long-lasting business then I highly recommend you skip this part.

Start a YouTube Channel

Another way to earn money online without investing any money is to start a YouTube channel. If you have a google account, then you are set to go. Please never forget the process we explained above because it applies to all the methods of earning money online. If you are looking forward to being a YouTuber then you need to identify your niche. Which problem are you looking forward to solve and what is your target audience. After identifying your target audience, you could create videos on how to help them tackle their problems. 

Avoid trying to complicate the whole process, even though YouTube has recently said you must have at least 1000 subscribers before earning money on their platform. I think it’s more than possible to attain that number and even more if you are really consistent. Your videos could be about anything, ranging from car repairs, to how to dress up a toddler, to how to buy goods on Amazon,etc. There are just many things you could discuss about. You just have to know who your audience is, and what problems there are facing. Don’t forget to be consistent.


Many people have never really understood the importance of Quora in Cameroon. Quora is one of the best sites out there and we prefer you use this site than scrolling your Facebook feed every day. People go on Quora to look for answers to particular questions. You can get answers to any of your questions. Go ahead and join Quora, build your profile, add some good credentials, connect with other influencers in the industry, upvote their answers, build a relationship with people. You can sign up to an affiliate program and if someone is looking for a particular solution and you think your product has an answer, recommend it to him. But please don’t go with the sole intention of selling, try to help people out first. Remember we all hate hard sellers.

Leverage a Facebook Group

Now though some of the strategies here might seem weird to you it actually works. Building a Facebook group is a huge way to make money online. Assuming you have no money to start with, you can follow this method, go to google, after choosing a niche. Type in the name of that niche + affiliate programs. Sign up to be an affiliate. After doing that, go on Facebook, and build a group, ask for friends to join your group and start promoting your affiliate offer. Another way to leverage Facebook groups is by looking for groups where you can advertise for free. Write some good points about your affiliate offer and start promoting it.

How to Make Money Online with some Initial Investment

I firmly believe that if you really want to build a long-lasting business on the internet, then you have to be willing to invest some money upfront. All the tools shared in this section will require you to invest some money to get started. You remember that principle in economics that says “there is no such thing as a free launch”

Always have that at the back of your head when starting any business, be it online or offline. So let’s get started.

Run a Website or a Blog

This is one of my best methods of earning money on the internet because the possibilities are endless with this strategy. You could start a website that talks about golf balls, for example, or fitness and health. It could be anything you are passionate about or not passionate about, but your overall goal should be about helping people. Moreover, having a website gives you some control over your business. Have a look at the tools needed to run a good website.

What you need to start a website

The domain name and a Web Hosting Provider:

The first thing you need to do is to get a domain name. Your domain name represents your brand. For example, is our domain name. And since we are trying to be as cost-effective as possible. I will suggest you get one for free at Bluehost.

Now let’s talk about the hosting provider. If you are looking forward to starting a blog or a website, then you will need a hosting provider. This is where your website will be hosted on the internet. You remember I suggested Bluehost because they are one of the best web hosting providers, they offer 24/7 live support, together with a free domain name.

Click Here to Get a Free Domain Name and Webhosting account with Bluehost!!!

How to monetize your website

Now that you have your website up and running, the next thing you should think about is how to monetize it. Below we will show you how to make some money online using your website:

Affiliate Marketing

This is a process whereby you promote advertisers’ products and in return, you earn a commission anytime someone buys their product using your referral link. What I recommend you do first, is to sign  up for affiliate programs. You could do that by joining an affiliate network like, amazon associate, jvzoo, click bank, Shareasale or Avangate. Please note that before joining some of these networks your website should have some quality content, if not you stand a chance of being rejected. 

In addition, if you really want to make money through your website you have to target buyer keywords. A keyword is basically what people search for in search engines. An example of a buyer keyword is should I buy an iPhone 10? Whereas a non-buyer keyword is how to bathe in the morning. These are just examples though. 

After targeting some good buyer keywords and writing good articles about them, you could do a product review to help a customer make good purchasing decisions. While writing these articles make sure you recommend the product if it’s good by adding your affiliate links. When a customer reads your articles and buys the product you will earn a commission. Watch the video below to learn more about How to Make Money Online in Cameroon.

Email Marketing

This is an old concept but it works even in this age. We all know that old saying: “the money is in the list.” The truth is 80% of the time customers visiting your website will hardly buy instantly. Another way to capture their interest and follow up with them is through a squeeze page that appears on your website.

A squeeze page offers something to customers in return for their contact information in most cases their names and email addresses. Once they view the page, if they are interested in whatever you are offering, they will type their emails to get the free gift. And from there you can get to follow up with them. Don’t forget to recommend good products to your lists. Anytime they buy products using your affiliate link you will earn a commission. 

One of the tools needed to run effective email campaigns and to design good squeeze pages and landing pages is an autoresponder. And remember we are trying to be as cost-effective as possible. I will advise you to use Aweber because they offer an unlimited free trial. Giving you adequate time before you generate profits online. Click Here to find out if Aweber is the best email marketing platform.

 Click Here To Sign Up for a Free Account with Aweber

Google Adsense or Media Net Ads

Another way to monetize your website is through adsense or media net ads. The concept is simple: these ad networks will display ads next to your content. Anytime someone views your content and clicks on it. You earn some money. You can sign up for google adsense or media net ads, submit your website and wait for their approval. Please most atimes people are so in a rush to make money online that they forget that it takes time to see results. Don’t hurry to submit your website when there is no content on it, or some pages are still empty. Make sure that before signing to these networks, your website should have at least 15 posts, an about us page, a privacy policy page, and an affiliate disclaimer. If not your account might lightly get rejected.

Create Your Own Digital or Physical Products 

Another way to make money online can be by creating your own products and selling it. It could be a course about losing belly fat, or how to cook, etc. You can sell this course on your website and make some money. The advantage of this method is that you get to own the product and you don’t have to run behind any advertiser. But the downside is that you need a lot of tools to create a good product. Especially an online course, for example. I will advise you to use this strategy if you really have some money to invest. Moreover, there are several tools you will need when creating a digital course for example. The platform that will facilitate the whole process for you is Click funnels. Check my review on Click funnels here to learn more about it.

Start an Ecommerce Website

This is another good way to leverage the internet. You could run an eCommerce website, where you sell products. And the good thing about eCommerce is that you don’t need to own the products. You can leverage other platforms like eBay and Amazon. If you don’t know how to build an eCommerce website, simply go to and hire any freelancer to help you with the job.

Take note: If you are looking forward to building a website or a blog know that after setting up everything you will need some traffic to your website. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Because without traffic you won’t make any money. Click here to Read my post on the best ways to drive traffic to your website.

What you need to run an internet business

A Computer and a Phone

You need a good working computer to run any internet business. This is the best investment you will ever make. I need you to look at the computer like your online office. You will perform everything on it. So please if you are in Cameroon I will advise you to get a good and affordable computer. 

A phone is a necessity too. Imagine you are not at home and your computer is not with you and you receive an urgent email from a customer you will need a phone to answer the email in the meantime. But don’t worry if you don’t have a computer, you can always go to any cyber place and pay to use one of their computers.

An Internet Connection

Since you are running an internet business it is logical that you need an internet connection. In Cameroon you could register to use Nextel, Orange, MTN or Camtel. They are all internet service providers and their rates are moderate. Having internet connection is very fundamental if you want to get serious about building an online business.

A Bank Account

If you are looking forward to earning some money online, then one thing you should think of is getting a bank account. I will advise you to get a bank account at Ecobank or Union Bank of Africa(UBA). Don’t forget to sign up for a Visa Card or a Mastercard. After creating your bank account, go to and sign up for a business account with them and link your bank card. This way you can receive money. Another Online Payment Service that is available in Cameroon is Payoneer.  Click Here to sign up for Payoneer.

How to Make Money Online in Cameroon Without Any Experience

Most people often get frightened when they think about building an internet business. But the reality is this; everybody that started online was once a beginner, with no customers, and knew absolutely nothing. So you are no different. Though the internet world is challenging and has its ups and downs, know that you can get started today without any knowledge and still make it through.

I always tell people that the learning is in the doing. Most people wait for the perfect timing, they try to accumulate all the necessary skills, and they never get started. In this section, I will share with you some tips to make money online without any experience.

Learn from Youtube Videos

In the paragraphs above, I showed you ways to make some money online. Assuming you have no experience, the best way is to watch a YouTube video explaining how a particular stuff works. Suppose you choose affiliate marketing, you can go on YouTube and type how to earn money online with affiliate marketing. A list of videos will show up and you can watch from them and learn. 

Maybe you are looking forward to building a website or a blog. After purchasing the domain name and web hosting, watch youtube tutorials on how to build your website using WordPress for example. A word of caution, there is a lot of information overload outside there so be careful to choose the one that really resonates with you.

Get a Mentor

If you don’t have any experience, I highly advise you to get a mentor that is intentional about showing you what it takes to make money on the internet. The reason I use the term intentional is because most mentors out there will just try to sell you one course to another or promote one product to another without taking into consideration if you need the product or not. So be sure to choose your mentor wisely. In case you want to work with us, feel free to message me on Facebook at Parin Online to get some help from us.

Buy Books that Teach Internet Marketing

I highly recommend you buy a book on making money online. There is this saying that the secret to all your problems is found in a book. You just need to search and find the right book. Let’s say you don’t have any experience. The best way to gain some experience about topics you know nothing about is by reading books. The three books I highly recommend and I use them myself are Four Hour Workweek, the Laptop Millionaire and Dotcom Secrets.



Join a Community of Internet Entrepreneurs 

Your environment online will highly determine if you are successful or not. Believe me. Join a growing community of people who cheer you up and help you to attain the high level of success you need. You might be asking yourself where can I find such a community? 

The truth is there are thousands of online communities where you can learn from others and succeed. But the one we highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. It is not just a community, but a platform where you will learn step by step what you need to succeed on the internet. They teach you everything to get started even if you are a complete newbie.  Moreover, they offer a 7 free trial. You can click here to Join Wealthy Affiliate for free! Moreover, if you are still doubting make sure you you Click Here to read My intensive review about Wealthy Affiliate. 


I am happy that you have read this article to the end. You’ve probably learned almost everything about how to make money online in Cameroon, the process, and the various ways to make money online with or without experience. I hope this article helped you. Please feel free to share your comments below on some difficulties you are facing with your internet business. If you are yet to start comment below and share what is stopping you from getting started and how you think we can help you.

Remember, helping you is our passion!

With Love!

Rinelle & Paul


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  1. Hi,
    You have explained in detail about how to make money online. You’ve recommended many ways where you could make money online without any capital such as starting a YouTube channel. Also, you have mentioned blogging and running a website where you will need some capital. You could also do affiliate marketing on your website for a steady income. I highly recommend your article to anyone who is looking into making money online and how to start off successfully.

    Many thanks for this highly useful information.

    1. I am delighted that this article could be of help to you. Making money online is not that difficult as people view it. With the right training and strategies, anyone could start from scratch and build an online business.

  2. Wow – you have provided so much detailed information that anyone who reads this will be able to make an informed decision on what they need to do and how to do it so they can start making money online. However, my most important take away from your post is the way you explain that to make money online you need to have a helping mentality set out with the intention of helping people to solve their problems. This is also my firm belief – we need to find out what problems we can solve and then over provide value to be able to get any form of success with our online business. Thank you for this.

  3. I love the fact that this is a detailed and informative post. You have clearly done your research on how to start making money online. Do you have any tips on what sort of digital products that may do well on the market?

    1. I greatly appreciate, when it comes to Digital Products, it depends on your niche, the importance of the product and how you market it. I think if you apply these steps, you can be successful with any given digital product.

      From my own experience an Ebook is a great digital product for beginners. You can write an ebook about any thing ranging from lose weight, to how to cook fried rice. It just depends on you.

      Another, example of a digital product can be an online course,etc.

      Just take note that when getting into digital products, you create something valuable to your audience.

  4. Hey,

    This is a very detailed article and there are many, many ways to make money online, and you have mentioned almost all of them. I started a YouTube Channel in February and I am not making money yet, but I am getting lots of engagement which is great. So I will be making money from it soon, I can highly recommend this.

    I have also written an E-Book on my topic and posted content about it on LinkedIn. So far I have over 100 subscribers, and the next step is for me to offer my new programme to them. Which will be my way of making money with this new venture.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

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    1. Hello Tom,

      I am very happy that you are already applying some strategies to make money online. Youtube is actually a great place to start, if you are consistent then you will be making money from it very soon.

      Moreover, I am also happy that you are doing some list building. As you grow your list you will be able to promote products to them over and over.

      To Your Success!!!

  5. Very good and helpful post.
    I know many of these ways to make money however I never knew Quora could be used to make money.
    This I will start looking into it as well as Facebook groups.

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