Paid Surveys at Home Review-The Wrong Way to Earn Money Online

  • Product: Paid Surveys At Home
  • Overall Ranking: 1 out of 5
  • Price: $68 and when you click on the coupon it comes down to $40 with VAT    inclusive.
  • Owner: May be Patricia Johnson
  • Website: https//

 An Overview 

In this post I am going to give you an honest, insightful and hopefully the most paid surveys at Home Review(PSH).

PSH has been around for 10 years and it is owned by Patricia Johnson. The first impression I had was that I could make $20 in 20 minutes. And if you are a workaholic you can earn more. So, let’s dive into my review.

What is Paid Survey at Home?

Paid Survey at Home is not actually an online company itself. It simple as an as intermediary or middleman and provides you with a list of paid surveys companies. And you join their membership by paying some dollars.

To cut the long story short, they provide you with a list of online surveys companies where you can get paid to complete surveys both online and by telephone. You also get to participate in focus groups, try new products and even preview movie trailers.

How Does It Work?

Upon you register for Paid Surveys at Home you are recommended to sign up with close to 20 companies before getting started. The whole issue is that you have to register with a lot of companies.

And just to emphasize more on their earning potential, it is completely false. The $20 in 20 minutes is not real. It doesn’t even exist. Yes, you can earn a few cents. But not $20 in minutes. There is just a lot of promise around this survey which is completely false.

What Is the Price of PSH

The first price you will get is $68 to access the program and when you try leaving the site, they will bring down to $40 with VAT inclusive. But the minimum price you can pay to be a member is $7

The advantage is that there is a 60day money back guarantee.

Paid Surveys at Home Affiliate Program

PSH has an affiliate program. And for me it will more realistic if you decide to join (if you see it legit) their affiliate program than joining to do the survey. You can definitely earn a few dollars promoting Paid Surveys at Home. Personally, we will not recommend you to take the program if you are looking forward to earn full income online.

Advantages of PSH

There is an 8weeks money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

PSH provides you with a list of companies for you to carry out the survey which can ease your work if you are lazy to do a google search.

Disadvantages of PSH

One of the first disadvantage I found out was the promise of earning $20 in 20 minutes. It’s completely fake. We have never heard about any survey company paying such an amount in less than no time. That claim is very unrealistic. If making money was that easy then everyone will be doing it.

There are just a lot of upsells within the system and personally we won’t recommend you to register or pay to carry out a survey. Because all they do is to act as a middleman, providing you with a list of companies which you can as well search yourself.

Your emails and personal information are at risk because they may be given to third party sales. And you will start getting tones of emails ranging from one sales pitch to another after you sign up for PSH

It is difficult to identify the real owner. This only is enough to doubt about its legitimacy.

Our Final Take on Paid Surveys at Home.

Honestly if you are looking forward to earning a full-time income online or a passive income online we don’t recommend you sign up with Paid Survey at Home.

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Moreover, you can still look for the same sites for free by carrying out a little search online. You don’t have to pay to get a list or surveys.

The fact that your personal info is shared to third party is not a good idea.

Verdict: Not Recommended

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