Affilorama Review 2020 – Get the Facts Here!!!

  • Name: Affilorama
  • Website:
  • Price: $0 Basic Membership,  $67/month, $497 for 3years + upsells, $997 AffiloJetpack
  • Owner: Mark Ling
  • Category: Affiliate Marketing

Is Affilorama Legit?

Hey guys ! sure you landed here because you are looking forward to join AFFILORAMA and you are a little bit scared. It is normal, it happens to everyone. But I am here to clarify that Okay. In this review, you will get everything you need to know about Affilorama.

Table of Contents

  • What is Affilorama?
  • Who is Mark Ling?
  • The Pros
  • The Cons
  • The Features
  • The various upsells
  • The pricing
  • Who is Affilorama for?
  • Is it worth your time?
  • My final verdict

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an online training program that was created by Mark Ling to help people who wanted to get started with Affiliate Marketing. He shows you how to start from scratch and succeed as an affiliate marketer. It was created by an affiliate marketer for Affiliate marketers.

The program is a step-by-step course to enable anybody to learn how to build a successful online business.

Who is Mark Ling?

Mark Ling is a well renowned internet marketer. Mark has earned millions of dollars from the internet alone and has helped thousands of people to start from scratch and change their lives by becoming affiliates.

He is the creator of programs like Affilorama, AffiloJetpact,   AffilotoolsAffilo theme and Pathway to Passive. He has been an affiliate marketer since 1999. Mark Ling founded Affilorama in 2006.

The Pros

  • The Free Memberships contains 100 videos. The training is really worth it and it is for free.
  • You get help and support within the community
  • Access to a quite a good number of tools as a Free Member. This will definitely safe you from all the stress.
  • Keyword suggestion tool to check the QSR (Quality Search Ranking) of various keywords and suggestions.
  • As a  Member you can download free videos

The Cons

  • Difficult to get in touch with Mark Ling when you have any problem.
  • A lot of up sells within Affilorama.
  • The use of PLR articles, seriously it can lead you to creating duplicated content and google hates it.
  • Some content is updated.

The Features inside Affilorama

  • As a Free member:

You get access to 20 videos, explaining the basic process of affiliate marketing. Ranging from Introduction, to Market Research, Content Creation, site building, Marketing ideas, SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click), and Affiliate Out sourcing.

I was really impressed with the free training, it contains quite a lot. If you are a newbie, I will advise you try it first for free to see the value.

<Click Here to Get Started For Free>

The Various Upsells

AffiloJetPack 2.0 ($797) Get the discount only here!

This is also referred to as the Money-Making Machine. It is designed for those who don’t want to go through the hard process of starting everything from scratch. Here is what you get inside:

  • 90+ expertly crafted emails designed to build trust and make sales.
  • Super effective “bait” to entice more subscribers
  • A beautiful website – built for you in a couple of clicks. It comes with;
  • 12 months hosting included
  • Built-in header graphic tool
  • Installed with Affiliate Theme
  • The easier way to get quality website content (The one that all search engines will love)
  • You also get 18 profitable niches
  • 3 Free reports with 10000 words each.
  • 3 eBook graphics

Hey, to be very honest I will recommend you this, if you are extremely lazy and you have the money to get started. But to a newbie just starting out, you could learn the process as well rather than buying a done for you system.

Pathway to Passive ($37)

This is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to build Money-Making websites. Here is what you get inside;

  • This guide teaches an easy follow system to
    • Build a search engine optimized websites
    • Find profitable affiliate products to sell
    • Generate monetizable content ideas
    • Build a solid funnel that moves people towards a sale
    • Create a website with content that people want to share
    • A 60-day Back Money guarantee

This is what I recommend for any newbie. The program is so detailed and well explained for you to make money in any niche website.

Affilo Tools ($17/month)

AffiloTools gives users access to our suite of cloud-based SEO, PPC and market research software. It combines data from a range of sources to provide a “bigger picture” website analytics for affiliates and online marketers.

  • Key BenefitsWhat Is Included
    • A range of internet marketing tools that pulls data from MOZ, SEM Rush, Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Bing, ClickBank, enom and Namecheap.
    • A backlink checker that uncovers the backlinks from a website
    • A high-PR link finding tool to uncover new linking partners.
    • A website health checker, monitoring on-page SEO errors, page speed, pages indexed and page errors.
    • Keyword research tool to find new PPC keywords previously missed.
    • Domain research tool to find related available domains.
    • A social media tool letting you monitor and update Facebook and Twitter from one place.
    • A search engine ranking monitor for Google and Bing (including regional variations).
    • New, updated training each month that keeps you updated with Mark Ling’s latest tips, tricks and methods.

    Who Is It For?

    • Advanced affiliates will save time and potentially hundreds of dollars by having a range of marketing tools combined into one monthly package.
    • Intermediate affiliates will also be attracted to saving money and time by combining tools into a single package, but most would benefit from more information regarding why these tools will help them make money.
    • Beginner affiliates will be attracted to the power of these tools, but may have never used these features before in other software. They will require more information on why these tools will help them make money.

The Pricing

  • Free Membership
  • Affilo Jetpack: $997 but you could get a discount here!!
  • Pathway to Passive: $37

 <Get Access to Affilorama Here!!!>

Who is Affilorama for?

  • For any newbie who does not know anything about affiliate marketing and is willing to learn. With the Free Membership you will learn a lot.
  • Beginner affiliates who want a bird’s-eye-view of what it takes to create passive income generating affiliate websites.
  • Experienced affiliates who want an easy to understand system to improve existing sales, boost search engine rankings, and find new profitable keywords to target.
  • Any internet marketer who is struggling with making affiliate sales.
  • Those who are willing to be committed and dedicated to the learning the process.
  • Anybody who has the budget to get started.

Is it worth your time?

Definitely, its worth your time, you get what you put. Mark has really succeeded in coming with lessons that could get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Dedicate your time, and be patient. Follow his strategies and success will be yours.

Is Affilorama Legit?

Yes, it is legit and we recommend Affilorama to anyone who wants to get started with affiliate marketing. We hope this review really cleared your doubts.

We have come to the end of this review and one thing I would love you to do is to comment below and share your various experiences with Affilorama. Also, don’t forget to share if you found this review helpful.


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