Ten Rules To Be Rich and Stay Rich

If you want to be rich we advise you to stick to the following rules that has been given to us by the wealthiest people we know.

Get up early : The world belong to those who get up early

  1. Dream big but start small
  2. Stop blaming the government or the system for your misfortunes
  3. Stop blaming people for your misfortunes.
  4. Practice savings. Save from the little you have. Do not wait until you are a multimillionaire before you start doing it
  5. Plan before you spend
  6. Spend less than you earn
  7. Do not live beyond your means to show-off
  8. Spend on assets more than liabilities. For example: instead of buying the latest Apple iPhone to show-off you can use it to start an online business.
  9. Read books on personal development and Entrepreneurship in your free time instead of watching TV or playing video games.

assure you if you follow these rules, you will be rich forever. We hope this article will be of help to you. Drop a comment below to tell us how it helped you. Remember, your success is our happiness and helping you is our passion.

To your success

Rinelle & Paul

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