How to avoid Failing in MLM!! “Tired of being stucked”

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Our little story with MLM

This is one of the most exciting journeys of our lives. We both started off in the MLM space back in 2016, and it was so much fun. It was a journey full of heartbreaks, crying, and laughing. Marie met a girl on Facebook who proposed her an MLM opportunity. We were literally broke. We weren’t going to school, and we had no pocket money.

Both of us were staying in distant cities and we needed to call each other, but we did not have a dime to do that. So when we joined, the only option we had was to borrow. I borrowed 200USD, and we got started. Just like any journey, it excited us in the beginning. We went from door-to-door advertising about our opportunity, and everybody gave us a slang or insult. Our relatives and friends started mocking us. We kept on posting on Facebook about our company, but no sign-up. Everything was so difficult.

Until the day I got to contact Kuda (my mentor) who told me how to market my opportunity on Facebook. I followed his method, and I joined several other companies and I started earning 4 and 5 figure income. Click here to read the network marketing company that has changed our lives. I have presented everything plus the detailed income from our dashboard in that article. The journey of 1000 miles begins with a step.

Why listen to us

You may consider four years as being relatively small, but those four years taught us a lot. We met different people, and we learned a lot. The company we joined back then organized training systems: there was a lot of training on personal development.

Another reason to listen to us is because we have been in the very shoes you find yourself; Stuck, frustrated, indebted, and broke. We have worn all those shoes and we know what it’s like and how it feels. The best teacher is experience.

From MLM alone we have earned 4 to 5 figure income in dollars.

Why people fail in MLM

Statistics show that out of every 100 people that get started in the MLM industry, 95 of them fail and quit. In an industry that has turned out ordinary people into millionaires, it is worth examining some reasons most people fail.

Donot Fail in MLM

Lack of Specialized training

If you love a profession, learn how to go about that profession and what it takes to be good at that profession. But with MLM, most people do not take time to learn how to go about it and what it takes to be the best.

This stuff is all about learning the right strategies to convey your message to the right audience, convincingly, so that the person can get to join you and you make a sale or earn a commission. But when we get into the industry, we are looking for a quick path to riches without wanting to learn the process it entails.

 Lack of Focus

You just joined an industry that has the capacity to turn your yearly income into your daily income, and yet you are not focused. By Focus here, we mean; what are your goals? How do you intend to achieve those goals?

Most of those who fail in this industry never had definite goals. They just joined, and they never gave themselves a target. If your focus is building a network of 100 people, build it, if you focus on earning 4000USD work towards it.

They just quit

I must admit, this stuff happened to us, not just once but many times I felt like quitting. Are you tired of walking up and down talking about your opportunity and nobody joins? And the only thing on your mind is to give up; “this shit ain’t real”, it happens.

Most people fail because they have problems within their network. But whatever the case, the moment you quit, you have failed. Rather than quitting, identify what are the problems, the strategies you’re using.  Probably you need to change them.

Most people feel that MLM is a game of numbers

Wait! who has ever heard this phrase; “PROSPECT MANY PEOPLE. OUT OF EVERY 10 PEOPLE YOU PROSPECT TWO WILL JOIN”. It doesn’t work.

From our experience, when we were walking up and down the streets distributing flyers, inviting people for the seminars, we collected 250 phone numbers; we called them, met them, and prospected them. And guess what? Nobody joined. The problem is the strategy. If you use the wrong strategy, you like you prospect 1000 people, they won’t join.

They don’t invest enough

Getting a starter package is the least investment you will make as a network marketer. Invest in the tools necessary for you to succeed. Most folks, after getting a package, just feel that that’s all about their investment. But as a network marketer, invest in yourself, develop yourself and buy the tools necessary for you to succeed in your business. This brings us to an important point which is…………..

How to succeed in MLM

Choose the right company, people, and network

If this company is going to literally change your life, then the best you can do is to choose it wisely. There are over 1000 MLM companies out there. But which company reflects your standards, can the company help you grow as a person? Click here to read our article on some factors to consider when choosing a Network Marketing Company.

The people who referred you into the business (Your upline): How interested are they in your success? Do they just want you to register and leave you? Do they have a team of people who are hungry and ready for success? These are the questions you should ask yourself if you want to join the MLM industry, as this is very important.

The next thing is taking continuous action

Continuous action is key. It is not enough for you to just take action, but it must be continuous action. If your goal is to prospect 10 people daily, make sure you do so.

Get a mentor

Choose someone who has been there before you, and what it takes to succeed. Choose a mentor who can affect you positively. Follow his training to the core and there you go. Success is your limit.

Invest in yourself

Get self-help books and videos about people who have succeeded in the industry. Read and watch them every day. I bet you it will affect you positively. If you are close to those things daily, and most especially when you feel like quitting, I can tell you, it will help you a lot to remain focused.


Remain persistent and never give up. Most failures in MLM came from people who gave up too soon. Focus on offering value to people. It is not always your company or products, but what is the story behind. How can it change your audience? I always tell people that if you stay around the barbershop for a long time, you will definitely get a haircut. This goes to network marketing. By applying the right methods and remaining consistent, you will become successful.

We hoped you learned something from this article. Leave your comments below, and share your thoughts.

Helping you is our passion.

Rinelle & Paul


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