Ways to earn money online in Cameroon – Real Business!!

Guys making money online is real. Are you in Cameroon and you are fed up of the system? I have good news for you!!! There are lot of things you could start doing to earn money online. Yeah you got that right. Its not as complicated as it seems and besides i will show you real strategies you could apply today to start making some dollars from the internet. 

Why Should you Listen to Me?

The truth is there are thousands of websites out  there that will write different things about making money online but most of those websites are not adapted to the Cameroonian context in which we live. And that is where i come in. My name is Rinelle Tekeu and i have been making money online for close to six years now. I principally started off building some websites here and there, promoting products for various companies and earning a commission from it. Now my story was not all that smooth when i got started dude.

 It was full of pitfalls, learning here and there, falling into this and that scam. Wasting money i never had. I guess that is the journey most newbies face. At some point in time i got so broke that i could not pay for my domain name and my site got shutdown. After going into a state of depression, away from the world i finally came to terms with the fact that building an online business needs a strategy, a proven method, if not you will just be turning around the circle.

After all these years of suffering, i finally came to understand what works and what does not work. And in this article i will be applying it to the context in which i started off..Cameroon. I have organised more than 50 seminars where i principally teach people how to leverage the internet to earn some money.

Why you should be thinking of earning money on the Internet

Guys listen the reality is that no government is coming to save you, no political party will save you in this Cameroon. The truth is on average there are close to 10000 graduates that leave school each year from different universities. And guess what that number is highly uncorrelated with the companies in Cameroon. So you’ve got to start looking elsewhere!

The second news i have for you is that things are changing rapidly. New machines are being fabricated to replace human labor. With the advent of technology, robots are being made to do the work humans used to do, will you just seat down there and wait for you to get fired or will you get up and look for other alternatives.

Another thing is this people today more than ever are getting clued on their phones, they are buying online, watching videos online. Everything is just happening so fast. With the internet you could serve thousands and millions of people. With all that i will show you some of the methods you could use to earn money in Cameroon. There are many, choose what suits you and get started.

Ways to earn money online in Cameroon

Now the reality is i will not list anything funny here just for listing sake, as i said this is what i have tried and it works. The first thing is i will advise you not to do surveys. For real guys may be that stuff works in the USA and UK but when you are in Cameroon it will be hard to apply to those online survey sites, Besides to earn money can take like forever, So i wont advice you do that.


Common!! Here is not the time to flip pages. But the reality is this, if you have no money, as in no Franc, then this is where you should get started, You could offer your services as a freelancer. It could be anything. Let me give you an idea, given that Cameroon, and most people can speak two languages you could offer your services as a freelancing translator. Or maybe you are good at data analysis you could offer your services as a data analyst. And trust me guys though people get discourage because of the competition on this sides, you could make money if you offer quality services. And just a word for all those who say its very competitive, the reality is that everything always seems like a competition until you get started.. Just get started.

Now here are some sites you could get started with, my most preferred sight is fiver.com, you also have Upwork, guru.com, peopleperhour.com, freelancer.com. I really recommend starting up with Fiverr moreover they offer courses to help you on your journey as a freelancer. You can Get access to some Fiverr courses here!!!

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my best methods, no hassle. So with affiliate marketing you get to promote products made by advertisers or product creators and you get paid a commission anytime someone makes a sale through your affiliate link. Lets say you are interested in the fitness industry, you could go to some popular affiliate sites and get started there for free. Sites like Click bank, Shareasale, FlexOffers, etc are very good affiliate networks you could join and begin to promote a product within your niche. But, the downside is that most of this sites require you  to have a website up and running before you get started.

Build Websites and Sell IT

OK guys another good method to make money online is to build websites and sell it. Though this method takes a large amount of time, imagine the return in the long-run. You could build a website maybe around a particular niche, it could be sports related, nutrition, fitness, make money, anything related. And when the website has gained some popularity and you start earning some good cash from it,you could now resell it on websites like flippa.com


You could also think of starting an eCommerce website. And selling some physical products. Besides today things are a lot more easier, you don’t need to own any product, you could register on sites like ebay, amazon and build some good eCommerce stores. When people come to buy they click on the link and they are redirected to amazon or eBay.

Digital Marketer for Companies

Hey guys most companies in Cameroon, are looking for ways to extend their customer base online and they need digital marketers to help them do that. You could offer your services as a digital marker.Basically you could help build the company’s website, follow up with clients on Facebook, twitter, run their ads,etc. There are just many ways you could earn money online in Cameroon.

Now i must admit, i didn’t go detailing into showing you how to earn money online. I just elaborated the ways you can make some money online in Cameroon. Click here to watch my video where i actually show you how to make money online in Cameroon. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts, maybe you have some other strategies that could be more beneficial.

Remember helping you is our Passion!

To your success!


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