What is needed to Start an Online Business in Cameroon !!! Essentials

Back in 2016, when Paul and I got started in the MLM industry, we didn’t know how to advertise our business online. The only thing we knew was walking up and down, and prospecting people. We did not even know that we were basically running after people.

Every time we will go to the mall, we will try to connect with one or two people and exchange contacts. The problem with this method is that most people don’t listen to strangers and the number of people you connect with is very limited. That is one of the reasons why we started learning about how to go digital.

Why you should consider going online?

One of the advantages of going online is the fact that you have a wider audience reach. Online, people who are interested get to contact you and find your opportunity or business. This is a better way of doing marketing.

Consider all the stress that is required for you to start an offline business, for example, the taxes you have to pay, you will have to arrange for a location, advertise it using  the radio, TV and familiarize with the area, getting people to trust you before you actually record a sale. Online, things are quite simple and less stressful, just have your website up and running, drive traffic and there you are set to go.

There are 4 billion internet users all over the world. So you have a wider audience, there are a lot of people searching for information, be it on health, finance, building a relationship etc. Imagine you just have a small fraction let’s say a million people who trust you, that is a huge opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

You should also consider going online because it permits you to reach people from different countries and works of life. By going online, you get to connect with a lot people.

Internet possibilities right ! . For example, we live in Cameroon and our mentor is in Zimbabwe, the other one is in the US and another in Canada. We get to make Skype calls, talking to them. That is the advantage of starting online. Seriously, if your business is not online you should consider starting an online business.

What you need to start an online business

One of the things you need to start an online business, is to identify, what type of niche do you want to be in. A niche is a segment of a market. What are you interested in ? , body building or weight loss.

May be you have stayed with your partner for 10 years and you really master how love relationships work, you can create a website talking about building long lasting relationships. You could be in the money making niche. Those are examples of niches. Choose what is peculiar to you. Choose what interest you. That is what you should start with if you are considering starting an online business.

Register a domain

When you have chosen your niche, choose a domain name and register the domain name. It is just like you are registering your business offline. The only difference is that it is done online. Go for something that relates to your niche and preferably a “.com” domain name, as people easily remember that. Forget about inserting hyphens or bars in your domain name, people will easily forget it. It should be something people can easily remember.

Consider a web hosting service

This is basically where your website will be kept. Its true there are free web hosting services out there but we advise you to go for paid ones, as you are looking forward to build a long term business.

Get someone to design your website 

Not everyone is a tech guy or programmer. In our case , Paul and I knew nothing about web designing, so we hired someone to design the website for us. There are many websites where you could get programmers : freelancer.com , Upwork.com, guru.com, fiverr.com. These guys could help you with the designing . If you are not a tech guy consider hiring one . This will save you a lot of time.

When all is said and done, start uploading content in your website. You focus should be on creating quality and unique content as google hates it when you copy from other websites. Identify something you want to share within your niche like a particular information, make a research, write your own content and upload it on your website.

Try to promote your website on Social media.

Become social, connect with other people within your niche and learn from them. Exchange ideas, this will help you a lot as you are starting out your business. Remember, traffic is what will give you money. You need people to visit your website.     

Monetize your website

Sign-up for affiliate programs within your niche and start promoting affiliate offers. This way you will earn money from your website. There are thousands of affiliate programs and networks you could join like amazon.com, Commission junction and Click bank.

What will guarantee your success online

You could have all these things but there are other things you need in order to succeed at an online business.

The mindset needed to start an online business:

80% of your success online depends on your mindset and 20% on your skill set. Thousands of online businesses are being launched everyday and thousands fail everyday. I hope you don’t get to be among those who quit. The reason is simple, their mindset is the problem. You are getting into a business where there are thousands and millions of people , gurus, you need to raise your standards. It shouldn’t scare you but aspire to be like them.

Remain Focused:

This is very primordial. If you want to get started online. Running an online business. It is easy for you to just sleep and get nothing doing. One way to be focused, is to have daily goals, set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals. This will help you to remain focused.

Be consistent:

Take continuous action. I know that it can be very frustrating to write content in the beginning and nobody joins or views or click on your website. But what I am sure of, is that if you take continuous action, and you are persistent in the process, you will make your first sale.


Discipline yourself, take it as a corporate job, where you have to work daily in order to earn a pay. This is your life and business we are talking about, so be disciplined . Fix your program, when are you carrying out research and when are you writing articles or uploading videos. Make sure that all the objectives you set , you attain them. No excuses should be allowed in your vocabulary. Just do the work.

Be Social

connect with people around the world, share ideas and learn from people who have being there before you. Give before you receive, help a lot of people . Even St Francis of Assisi said it ; “It is in giving that you receive”. Offer value. You should not be so focus on making a sale online that you forget to provide value.

Enjoy your journey , it is fun:

Exploring a new world full of opportunities should be fun to you. Take it easy. Don’t forget to relax when necessary. Sometimes, you have to take time off and spend with your loved ones. This is what we feel you need to have get started online.

We hope this article could be of help to you. Drop a comment below to tell us how it helped you. Remember, your success is our happiness and helping you is our passion.

Lots of love

Rinelle & Paul

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  1. One thing i have Learnt from this article is To leverage the internet in Cameroon. And i m certain that if i implement what i read from here,the sky would be my limit.

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